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Customer Testimonials

Testimonial by Gerald

Subject: Website

Thank you for a VERY informative websiteThe site is very user friendlyThe information even though very technical is presented in a laymen languageThe available articles are extremely helpful...Technical specification presented for our specific unit is helpfulI have been trying to understand the operation and limitation of our "mini-split" for days without success... until I found your siteThank you again!!

Testimonial by Dan


I was originally going to buy a Goodman furnace for a lower price from another online company but when I found E Comfort on the web and talked with their representative it was like night and day difference. The first company had an online program calculator to figure out the right furnace based upon the square footage, insulation and windows in the house. Based on their computer calculation, I was to purchase a 60,000 BTU at 80% AFUE 2 stage. Because I have a building contractor and a HVAC contractor friends that had told me to purchase a 100,000 or 110,000 BTU furnace I did talk to a couple of the reps when I saw the BTU calculation. They told me I would be okay with the 60,000 BTU but if I wanted to purchase higher BTU furnace, that would be okay. It didn't make since to me so I got back on line to do more research. When I talked with Ben, rep from E Comfort, I told him that I was going to purchase the furnace above from their competitor and what my contractor friends had told me to purchase, he asked me what I had based my selection of BTU's on. I told him I had imputed the info into their calculation program. Ben then asked me was there any questions on their program addressing 1) any additions to the house, 2) what was the square footage of the addition, number of rooms, and did any of the new addition rooms include any of the exterior walls of the original house since typically exterior walls contain at least R 30 and factors in to the BTU's needed and 3)how high is the house above sea level,was I in the mountains. I told him his competitor's program nor any of their reps had asked me any of these questions. He then said that he would send me a Sizing Worksheet to fill out and that when I had completed it to send it back to him via email and he would then give it to an engineer in their company and the engineer would take all the information and calculate the right size furnace for my houses heating needs. When Ben sent me the worksheet, I was expecting something like the program calculator from their competition. WOW was I wrong. It asked for construction information including 1)floor, ceiling, wall, window. Then went to room worksheet which was to include a house plan layout. Took me a few days to complete and send back, but I AM SO GLAD I TOOK THE EXTRA TIME TO COMPLETE IT. I not only found out some construction info I didn't know but because to the completeness of the info the engineer was able to figure out the BTU's I really need for heating the house at our elevation. When Ben called me with the info, I needed a furnace that would provide no less the 52,348 BTU's output. The 60,000 BTU furnace that I was going to purchase based on their online calculator could only provide 48,000 max BTU out put. Bottom line, if I had purchased the Goodman furnace from E Comfort's competitor using only their online program calculator I would not have a furnace that would meet the right heating needs of my home and also if I had listened to my contractor friends, I would have way over bought a furnace that I did not need. Ben,"HATS OFF TO YOU" for your professionalism in not just making a sell but making sure that I purchased the right heating furnace for my home. By the way, for anyone taking the time to read this novel, EComfort not only sent me emails when the purchase was processed but when the furnace was shipped (including a picture of it on a pallet) and inspection instructions that I needed to do when I received the shipment. Also not only did EComfort send me the email but a few days before the furnace arrived, they called me to remind me to make sure I followed the instructions of inspecting for any damage during shipment. EComfort has great prices on furnaces but more importantly for we customers, really provide the customer service we don't see, hardly, at all from other companies

Testimonial by Fred Clarke

Subject: Great Service

Delighted to find all the odd-ball hydronic items I needed at this one web site, I found the ordering system a little clunky. But then everything I ordered arrived from three different shippers! These folks have got it together! I'll be checking here first for heating parts.

Testimonial by Tammy & Mike

Subject: Hydronic Radiators

Excellent all the way around - price and service with choosing radiators/parts. Even a year later when we discovered a small part missing upon installation - no questions asks, they mailed it right away. This type of service is hard to find. Highly recommend.

Testimonial by Carl VanderPutten


These people are a class act and know what they are doing. I've installed several of these from various vendors because was just so-so satisfied. I've finally found the vendor to stick with. the staff is courteous, attentive, and knowledgeable. The unit shipped practically immediately and arrrived on time.

Testimonial by Gary Eschenberg

Subject: mini-split ductless AC

The top floor of our house was so hot, even with central A/C added on years ago. We had to find a better solution and it was a ductless mini-split system. We got a Fujitsu two zone system from eComfort and it works great! So nice and cool now. We can sleep at night and I can easily work from home when I need to now. The use of automatic technology from eComfort is quite excellent. We were apprised of the status of our order at every step. Victor Mittleman was our online product specialist and he exchanged emails with me for a couple of weeks. He has top-shelf customer service skills. He also helped me when I had trouble finding a certified installer when most of the big HVAC companies in the Denver area will not even touch a system you did not buy from them (so they could significantly mark it up). And Victor helped me in verifying that the serial numbers were properly registered with eComfort to ensure the warranties would be in place. I truly think this is the way of the future - ordering your own system online. It all arrived on a big pallet in just a few days. I highly recommend Fujitsu mini-split AC systems, Victor Mittelman, and eComfort. I will use them again in the future, too.

Testimonial by Evan Martin

Subject: Great Price

I purchased a Mitsubishi mini-split heat pump system from eComfort, and I have to say, I am happy with their service. They had the best prices of anywhere I could find, so that is a big plus. Also free shipping! Be advised, when an item says, "ships in 3-5 days", it will ship on day 5. My system was delivered by a third party freight service and shipping took about 5 business days (after the 5 days of processing). Not bad for 1000 miles. The line set I needed did ship out a couple days later, but shipped UPS and conveniently arrived the same day as the freight truck.Overall a good buying experience, and if I am in the market for anything else, I will be looking here again.

Testimonial by James Schecher

Subject: Radiant Floors

I did work with electric Radiant Heat product which is excellent by the way. I had some technical questions and spoke with both Billy and Conrad...They are extremely helpful....Great company to deal with!!

Testimonial by akirkley

Subject: ResellerRatings Review

"Everything we recieved was as described and shipping was quick! Thanks so much!"

Testimonial by Peter2890

Subject: ResellerRatings Review

"Excellent service and fast delivery"

Testimonial by Roszelle

Subject: ResellerRatings Review

"E-comfort was very helpful when I called and sent out my order the next day. I would recommend this site."

Testimonial by dknoth05

Subject: ResellerRatings Review

"eComfort had the best price and fast free shipping. Very satisfied with their service!"

Testimonial by susandevoe

Subject: ResellerRatings Review

"I not only found the lowest price for the drain system I needed but also had 2 incredibly helpful reps - one on chat and one on the phone - get it overnighted to me without missing a beat. Communication was great, tracking was great, I can't recommend this store highly enough. Well done."

Testimonial by Zimpy6

Subject: ResellerRatings Review

"Great transaction. We needed a filter replacement and eComfort offered the best price with free shipping. Received our order promptly and in great condition."

Testimonial by BurrowsUM

Subject: ResellerRatings Review

"Good Experience. Well packaged and arrived quickly. Would order from again."

Testimonial by rafaelb-180

Subject: ResellerRatings Review

"Great Experience. Will certainly shop here again!!"

Testimonial by remodelers

Subject: ResellerRatings Review

"Simple, easy ordering process. Shipped quick, arrived exactly as expected."

Testimonial by HomerSimpson99

Subject: ResellerRatings Review

"Overall a good experience, but their communication could be better. I was not aware one of my items was backordered until my shipment arrived. After calling for status on that item I still don't have a tracking number or know if it was shipped."

Testimonial by sugarfree

Subject: ResellerRatings Review

"I recently purchased a Warmly Yours Towel Warmer from eComfort. This was my first order, and I placed it because eComfort had the absolute best price on the web. Ordering was easy with a very responsive Customer Service Rep, and my Towel Warmer arrived days later. Great job, eComfort -- I'll be back!"

Testimonial by mhahs

Subject: ResellerRatings Review

"We ordered based on the price and reviews of e-Comfort. Loved the no-hassle order process. Our item was delivered promptly and in time for our bathroom re-do. Our contracter said it was exactly what we needed - he could not find a better price for the item. :)"

Testimonial by gmguys

Subject: ResellerRatings Review

"Shipped quick with good packing and nice wall heater. Thanks will use again. "

Testimonial by ICUCPAMK

Subject: ResellerRatings Review

"Their website is easy to find what you are looking for and they shipped fast. I really liked their prices which included free shipping. I would highly recommend and do plan on buying all my future filters from them as they have the best prices."

Testimonial by debdavis

Subject: ResellerRatings Review

"The price was the same or better than other retailers but the shipping was FREE. I needed to "Live Chat" via the web-site and the person was very helpful in directing me to the right product. Package arrived quickly."

Testimonial by Camba

Subject: ResellerRatings Review

"Good Website with a better than aversge price for goods."

Testimonial by amberlandsreal..

Subject: ResellerRatings Review

"Everything about the order went great. Would purchase from them again."